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mardi, novembre 24, 2009

Too busy to starve!

Depraved of sleep for 42 hours non-stop, mounting beamers and planning visual shows. Then 2 events on the same day (!). Felling like deputy-chief-masta-productaAh! Life can be real great when it all just Works ;)

I had the luck to be in charge of two nice setup one made for conference and one for fundraising. For one it was a great professional cast! We made large panorama display with several screens, using Analogway Diventix II. We organized all the scenography using particular techniques. I had the chance to let my voice count and argue about symbolic moves and speaker's positions. Believe me it was not fake talk!

After just finishing the first report of da boarderz', no rest for brave men ;) -proud-
I jump onto the motorbike and run to the BFM!
-What? a motorbike?!? - short story made shorter: yes!

I jump on the moto and drive to the BFM... rain is falling ok!
I nevertheless try to hurry up and not get that wet in my costume. I arrive at the parking for artist's entrance. I don't have the pass, I must go to the other corner of the building, walking some more under the rain. Great!

On the immediate surrounding of the building, as you walk closer, is the many hotel catering, decoration, sound, light and visual people walking around. I enter the entirely decorated room, so huge it can host about 600 guests for a gala dinner, among whom some celebrated people: Bertrand Piccard, Gad Elmaleh, Elie Semoun, Arthur, ViktooOOooria Silverstedt ;)

Là encore, réal'pamal' ;) 8 beamers de plafond montés par Mr. L. et voilà que les murs de cette si prestigieuse soirée se teintent d'images issues de l'une des 4 caméras présentes, des 4 ordinateurs en live, de vidéo, de slides ppt ou de photos, et qui peuvent venir d'un lecteur DVD... Enfin, pour compliquer encore un peu l'ensemble, les films gravés dessus sont sans z'amorces et commencent dans le 1/6542ème de seconde! Gasp!
Mais on s'en sort à la bien
Et voila. Pour le reste c'est tout ce que j'ai à dire sur cette swarée ; )

Also great to know that many actions of this Foundation are located in Vietnam, where they support hospitals and work for better living conditions. I will possibly try to see more in depth and possibly meet some people overthere, when I'll be.

However, I fell a bit sleepy now, I think I better have to gooOOO to beeEEeed!
I woke up on sunday at 11h and I didn't rest nor sleep until the next time, tuesday 3:22 am (by the time of posting 3:55)
Mmmmmh I kind of feel like I lived a Great Life in my last 41 hours day!