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samedi, novembre 20, 2010


Je rédige en ce moment mon nouveau discours. "Cette fois" je dois parler devant une promotion de 500 étudiants en nouvelles technologies, qui entrent ce jour dans leur vie d'adulte. Quelle ironie du destin tout de même... moi qui n'ai jamais suivi de telle formation, moi qui ait fini officiellement mes études il y a moins d'un an... me voilà en train de préparer le "discours du sage", en train de rédiger le discours Infoworld... Trouver le juste ton, les bons mots et la sage inspiration!

Et si ca donnait ca?

Dear Infoworld teachers,
Dear Guests and parents,
Dear graduated students,
First and foremost, let me thank Infoworld administration for having invited me to speak at this graduation ceremony and share a few thoughts with you. When I was proposed to deliver a speech I asked myself: what can I tell you that you didn't yet hear a million times. Shall I speak to you about the internet and how it changed our world? Shall I tell you that you are in a very trendy sector? Shall I tell you that you live in a country that can offer a lot of opportunities? You know that all very well already.
Today you change your status: you are not students anymore, you become young professionnals. All the five hundreds of you are going to look for positions in interesting companies and pursue nice projects. You know your roots, but probably have no precise idea of your future: so, HOW YOU WILL YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE?
That is now the core of what you should be thinking about from now on: the DIFFERENCE and your ability to stand out and make your way, your path to a Life you will enjoy everyday.
Let me tell you briefly about my personnal history: in 1998, as I was barely a teenager, my brother Marek and I decided to engage in the beginning of the web industry and to create websites. By the time, we had only a limited knowledge, no money, and only a computer for two. I used to code websites on a paper before I can access the computer to save my HTML. Surely enough the beginning of our company was not everyday easy, and more than once we considered quitting. When our friends went to play or to sleep, we were working at home. Of course we enjoyed Life too but we focused on our goals. To succeed we had but one choice: do better, try harder and last longer than anyone!
However, because we were HIGHLY MOTIVATED, really willing to MAKE A CHANGE, we did always found our INNER-STRENGTH: we continued, we trained and we followed the path of our dreams. We strived for being different and make ourselves uniques. When the others stopped because they were tired - we were tired too- but WE WALKED THE EXTRA-MILE... and that MADE A DIFFERENCE!
Today, 12 years later, GV Communication is a international company, headquartered in Switzerland, with an office in Vietnam, and with projects around the world. We refined our initial technologies, looked for opportunities and managed to create new products. Three years ago, We displayed the first European 360° immersive video and last year GV displayed the World's first immersive Videostreetview mapping platform. Our works have been featured on many websites and saluted by newspapers worldwide. I am proud that the companies I admired a few years ago are now our clients (LG, l'Oréal, Citroën, Mozilla Firefox), that we have clients in a wide array of sectors and that our visual products are requested in Geneva, Paris, Dubai and Saïgon, just to name a few.
From my experience, I learnt than the power to make changes is in everyone: of course you have this power too!
Success is not about being in the crowd, it is about being constantly learning new techniques, new ways to do your job better than you were initially taught. Beside working harder than average, you must also constantly look for innovation: what could you do that would be unique, different from the others and ahead of time? All your dreams come true if you have the courage and the passion to pursue them!
It is the dream of all teachers to see their students become better than themselves, and as you now exit Infoworld, it is your duty to train yourselves on a daily basis, refine your knowledge and keep up to date. You know many things already, and there are a lot more things for you to learn. Probably you have been good students: now you can make a difference : BE MOTIVATED, EFFICIENT and CREATIVE PROFESSIONNALS.
As a final thought I would like to share a quote I heard a very long time ago: one I always remember when I feel unsure about future. It is of great whisdom and shall be a guideline to all in this changing world we are living in: remember that YOU MAY TRY AND FAIL - BUT YOU SHOULD NEVER FAIL TO TRY.

Thank you very much