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mercredi, juin 30, 2010

I have to say... Thanks!

I have now turned 27 years on Earth, breathing Life and living my Way,
I have had a whole lot of good times and probably too much bad days already,
I have lived joyful experiences that amounted sad stories of mine,
Overall I managed to go through the rollercoaster and out with a smile,
It has been a broken heart, it has been a feinted smile, sometimes,

But overall, when I look behind and consider where I am, from where I come from and what I have been trough... I feel proud, happy and immensely lucky!

Thanks for the Wishes. Thanks for the Support. Thanks for the Trust.
Thanks for being Healthy. Thanks for being cared. Thanks for being Loved.
Thanks for past achievments. Thanks for future projects.
Thanks to my Family. Thanks to my Friends.
Thanks for being Me.

Thank you, Life!